Due to Covid-19 and our concern for clients safety we are currently preparing  returns remotely. Please contact us to discuss the easy procedure in preparing your tax return remotely. All information can be discussed either through e-mail, phone or an arranged Zoom session. We hope that everyone is healthy and safe and look forward to the day when we can meet with clients, once again, in person.

At King West Tax Services we’ve been preparing tax returns for clients  in  downtown Toronto over the past  30 years by providing the following  services year round:

  • Personal Tax Return Preparation
  • Unincorporated Business Returns
  • HST Tax Filing
  • Efile
  • Rental Income Returns
  • Prior Year Taxes Prepared
  • Adjustment Requests
  • Client Representative for CRA Inquiries
  • Guaranteed Year Round Tax Preparation Services

Make this the year that you start receiving your full tax refund.
Please call or email to discuss the easy steps to prepare your tax return remotely.

We specialize  in preparing late filed tax returns. Did you know you can go back as far as 2011 to file returns or adjustments to prior years?  Call or email today to discuss your tax situation.